Personal Training Level 1


Our 200 hour hybrid program features the best of classroom, in-gym and online learning all in one comprehensive curriculum. The program is taught over 12 weeks and consists of 96 in-class hours and 104 hours of online self-study. Click here to see the class schedules.

  • In-class/gym instruction is offered:
    • Cleveland Campus
      • Monday/Wednesday 9:30am-1:30pm and 5:30-9:30pm
    • Columbus Campus
      • Tuesday/Thursday 9:30am-1:30pm and 5:30-9:30pm


You'll learn all the foundational stuff; client intake and assessment, anatomy, exercise physiology, exercise programming, nutrition, the business side of the industry and more.

Hands-On Training

The in-gym/practical component of our curriculum is an invaluable learning experience for our students. You'll design and implement a wide variety of exercise programs based on real-world case scenarios, be taught new exercises and workout techniques and understand how to incorporate a variety of tools and techniques into your programming.

The practical takes place at Health360 for students enrolled at the Cleveland campus (Health 360 is approximately one mile from campus), while Columbus students use the school's own on-site facility. (Click here to see photos of the Columbus campus facility).

Online Learning and Resources

Students may access lectures, videos and other study materials at their discretion and whenever it is most convenient for them. It is expected that students will review the online materials prior to each classroom session.

Personal Training Certification

Students receive our nationally recognized personal training certification upon successful program completion. There are also two options for students who chose to test for a personal training certification from a third party:

  1. We include a personal training certification tuition refund program and discounts on personal training certification exams from NASM, NSCA or NCCPT.
  2. Students can chose the Personal Training Certification Exam Prep enrollment option that includes one weekend of in-class exam prep, exam voucher and study materials specific for either the NASM-CPT, NSCA-CPT or NCCPT exams.

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